107aThe Cesar Chavez Student Center is a non-profit supporting organization of San Francisco State University. The Cesar Chavez Student Center is located at the heart of campus and has been a dynamic hub of student activities since September 1975. Besides housing the SFSU Bookstore, more than 20 student organization offices, food and beverage vendors, and other facilities. The Student Center is not only a provider of services; it is also one of the largest employers of students on the San Francisco State University campus.
The Art Gallery
presents three thought-provoking art exhibits a semester, curated and managed by our wonderful student staff. The Rack-N-Cue, with video games and billiards tables, hosts weekly game and pool tournaments. And last, but not least, The Depot provides entertainment daily ranging from films, listening parties, and rocking bands. Continue reading

Building Map & Events


As the heart of the SF State community, the Cesar Chavez Student Center (CCSC) is the hub of student activity. The Student Center building is home to the campus bookstore, meeting and study areas, and over 11 restaurants. In addition, the CCSC runs the Information Desk, the Rack-N-Cue (pool and arcades), Richard Oakes Multicultural Center (ROMC) and its reading room and library, The Art Gallery, and The Depot (small music venue). The Depot, on the Lower Conference Level of the building, is a space with multi-faceted programming: live concerts, televised sports, open mics and comedy acts. The Depot provides open space for all ages entertainment where few exist in San Francisco, and it is becoming increasing important to the campus community as the numbers of students living on campus rise. Continue reading


Infocenter of the student center is located on Plaza level as indicated on this map.


I’m constantly surprised when my luddite friends and family exhibit techie knowledge or show up with techie gadgets.

Last week my 83 year old father in law came to visit. he used his new GPS unit to find the shortest route from his home in Victoria BC to our campus . Upon arrival he wouldn’t get out of his car until he had showed me his new gadget. Except he was a bit upset because his GPS could not find our unit. I tried to explain that it took google maps at least a year and a half before it noticed our new house so the GPS software may take even longer. I don’t think he wanted to believe me. Continue reading


Quick facts about The Cesar Chavez Student Center.

San Francisco State University has a great not-for-profit supporting organization, the Cesar Chavez Student Center, which is situated at the heart of SF State’s downtown campus. Ever since it was founded in 1975, the Cesar Chavez Student Center has been a vibrant and dynamic center of student activities. The center houses the SFSU Bookstore, multiple offices of student organizations, a food and beverage court, and numerous other facilities. But the Cesar Chavez Student Center does more, it is actually among the most significant student employers on the entire SF State’s campus, and the Center is supported by the student governing body, the Associated Students (AS) organization. Continue reading


Updated July 20, 2016. The Cesar Chavez Student Center has a strong program of naming spaces and creating murals in honor of people and communities whose lives and struggles for equality inspire students and staff everyday and they became role models for generations.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X was born in 1952 (May 19th) as Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska. Malcom’s father, Earl, was a very outspoken Baptist minister and supporter of Marcus Garvey, the Black Nationalist leader. In 1931, the dead body of Earl was found while lying across the trolley tracks. The Little family believed that Black Legion members, a white supremacy group, killed him. His father’s murder began a series of painful events for Malcolm. His mother went insane, he and his brothers and sisters were separated among foster homes, and he dropped out of school.
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The Art Gallery

Updated July 21, 2016. An educational community is never complete without a space for the arts. The Art Gallery is a dedicated venue in the Student Center, run by a student staff, to bring the visual and interdisciplinary arts to the SF State community.

The Art Gallery curates a number of shows each semester ranging from student and non-student work.The gallery showcases exhibitions of both student and professional work, and aims to attract diverse audiences through socially relevant and cutting-edge art. Continue reading


richard-oaksAt the end of 1998, the Student Center Governing Board decided to name the new multicultural center after Richard Oakes, the well-known Native American activist.

The Board approved this for his dedication to promoting social justice, human rights, and higher education through intellectual activism and self-determination.

The Richard Oakes Multicultural Center and the Cesar Chavez Student Center gratefully acknowledge to Native American peoples that it, together with the campus of San Francisco State University, that they occupy a site that historically was belonging to the Native Muwekma Ohlone people. Continue reading

Rack-N-Cue Gamesroom

Need escape from your classes and the cold weather? Take a break from your summer classes and visit Rack-N-Cue of the student center, located on the Recreation and Dining level of the Student Center. Check out our hottest arcade game, Initial D ver.2, based on the hit anime series. Want more? Play Air Hockey, get your groove on with Dance Dance Revolution Extreme or check out some of our other hot games: Continue reading