The Art Gallery

An educational community is never complete without a space for the arts. The Art Gallery is a dedicated venue in the Student Center, run by a student staff, to bring the visual and interdisciplinary arts to the SF State community.

The Art Gallery curates a number of shows each semester ranging from University students, GED graduates, and non-student work. The gallery showcases exhibitions of both student and professional work, and aims to attract diverse audiences through socially relevant and cutting-edge art.

Every year the Art Gallery features many exhibits starting with an exhibit on the play of light and dark, a show featuring reclaimed wood pieces, a multi-media experience surrounding American Indian occupation of Alcatraz, a deeper look at sketchbooks, an examination of identity within the Bay Area Southeast Asian community, an annual showcase of bold Fine Art graduate work, and closed out the year with a graduating SF State senior’s art show.


Some of the remarkable exhibitions include:

“We Are Still Here” – a multi-media exhibit honoring the American Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island. 

Wild Wild East – an exhibition showcasing Huang Yan, Liu Xiaodong, Don Ed Hardy, and Debbie Han.

GWEILO – an exhibition showcasing work created by the art and wardrobe departments of Distant Thunder Films in conjunction with students from the SF State Cinema Department.

Lollipops and Threads – an exhibition that associated new works by Danyol and the recent art school graduate Jai Carrillo

Water Color – Watercolors from members of the National Watercolor Society.

Im(press)ions Printmaking at San Francisco State University – included work created by SF State students and a former printmaking student and represented a range of talents cultivated by this community.

In His Own Words: The Life and Work of Cesar Chavez – In His Own Words featured thirty-eight photographs accompanied by excerpts from his dynamic speeches, interviews, and authoritative writings.

Into Sonic Space –  A sound art installation featuring sounds collected from and around SF State campus. The installation reflects the cultures and communities at San Francisco State University.

Visitors’ Comments:

“It’s really refreshing to see some modern/ contemporary Chinese artwork here at State. Makes me miss the days of exploring the galleries at 798 District in Beijing.”

“Thanks for putting together such a diverse collection. I got to see a bit of everything from statues to paintings to 3-D works! Loved it! Ed Hardy’s presence is a bonus to an already wonderful show! Great job.

“Some really cool work!! Definitely loved E. Den. So many colors; vibrant rich deep colors, soft warm tones. Pink also killed it! Great work.”

“There were so many styles and themes to all the paintings! I think that’s what made the exhibition so fun for me.”

The Art Gallery was the inspiration for this career quiz that we help to design.