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Plaza Level Renovation

From July 13th through August 17th, 2012 the plaza level of the student center will be receiving new flooring and a complete remodel of the Information Center. A temporary Information Center is located at plaza level dining between Cafe 101 and Taqueria Girasol.

Information Center Renovation Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will any services be interrupted during construction?
    Clipper service will be unavailable
    Both Chase ATMs on the plaza level will be out of service
    The change machine located on the plaza level will be out of service
    Vendor hours are subject to change
  • When is the renovation to be completed?
    The renovation is scheduled to be completed by Friday August 17th, 2012 as to not impact the upcoming fall semester.
  • Where are ATMs located?
    Chase- The two ATMs located inside the Cesar Chavez Student Center on the plaza level will be out of service during renovation
    Wells Fargo and Bank of America- There are two of each type of ATM outside the Bookstore entrance.
    Patelco Credit Union- Located in the Centennial Village Housing area, in building C
  • For ADA access, please call (415) 338-1112 or come directly to the temporary location of the Information Center.
  • Where can I purchase stamps on campus?
    Books of stamps may be purchased from the Wells Fargo ATM, outside of the Bookstore entrance only.
  • Where are the nearest copy machines?
    On the Lower Conference Level there are two copy machines for student use only and the Copy Center is directly above the Information Center on the Mezzanine Level for all customers.
  • Where can I add value to my One Card?
    There is an add value/guest pass machine for student convenience, located on the Plaza Level across from the Information Center and adjacent to the Chase ATMs. The plaza level machine may have limited availability during construction. Also available inside the Library and Student Services Building at One Stop (1st Floor).
  • Where is the CCSC Business Office located?
    It is on the Lower Conference Level, in room C-134, across from the Black Student Union.
  • How many posting boards are in the CCSC?
    We own and maintain 10 posting boards, which permits us to accept up to 6 copies of each flyer for posting.
  • What is a MUNI or BART pass? Should I purchase a pass?
    MUNI- are the bus and train lines used as public transportation in the city of San Francisco and the monthly pass will allow you an unlimited amount of rides throughout a given month. We sell the Muni “A” and “M” passes.
    The “A” pass allows a customer to ride the Muni buses and trains, as well as the BART lines within the city of SF.  It costs $74 per month.
    The “M” pass allows a customer to ride throughout the month only on Muni lines. It costs $64 per month.
    To ensure you are making the right choice to purchase a pass, only invest in the MUNI pass if you will be relying on it at least twice a day, otherwise you will not be getting your money’s worth.
  • What is Clipper? How can I get one?
    Monthly paper passes’ have been replaced by Clipper Cards and they work all around the San Francisco Bay Area. You can purchase it as cash add or a monthly pass. We sell the Adult Clipper card free with the minimum purchase of a $5 fare.  
  • Where is the Student Services Building?
    If you exit straight out of the Taqueria Girasol doors and make a right down the main path, it will lead you to the Humanities building, then will make a right and it will be on the left side. There you will find the Bursars, Registrar, Financial Aid, Counseling, Career Center, and many other student services.
  • Where can I make a student ID card?
    To have an actual card made you have to go to the One Stop Center in the Student Services Building. That is the only place on campus that cards are made.
  • Where is the nearest the official USPS mailbox?
    There are two mailboxes nearby the CCSC: One is up on 19th Ave next to the newspaper boxes and the coffee shop or next to the Administration Building on Holloway Ave.
  • Where can I catch the free shuttle to Daly City BART?
    On the top of campus by 19th Avenue.
    The SFSU shuttle is only available during the Fall/Spring semester.
  • What do these abbreviations mean?
    EP Building- Ethnic Studies and Psychology Building
    DTC- Downtown Campus (On Powell and Market)
    T-J1- This stands for Trailer J, room 1 (the trailers are classrooms located behind Thornton Hall)
  • Where can you find the Class Schedule?
    The class schedule or course catalog can only be found online at the SFSU website. We do not have a paper copy available at the Information Center.
  • What and where is the DPS?
    DPS stands for the Department of Public Safety and it is our on-campus police station. It is located next to Library Annex off North State Drive.
  • Where can I park my car or bike?
    We have a parking garage that is located on State Drive with a daily fee of $6.00 dollars.
    Free, all-day parking is always available on 19th Ave, Lake Merced Drive, and Junipero Serra Blvd. Otherwise there are metered and hourly parking on the streets within the Villas, ranging from 1-4 hours.
    Bikes can be left at the Bike Barn behind our Gym and will always be safe. Bike racks are available outside the Humanities Building and Hensill Hall. Do not leave bikes on undesignated areas or poles or police may confiscate them.
  • What is the function of the yellow phones on campus?
    The yellow phones, denoted by yellow casing and a blue fog light, are emergency and campus phones. They are there so students can contact anyone on a campus number without cost. They also connect directly to DPS if needed.


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