SFSU- Cesar Chavez Student Center

The Cesar Chavez Student Center is a non-profit supporting organization of San Francisco State University. The Cesar Chavez Student Center is located at the heart of campus and has been a dynamic hub of student activities since September 1975.

Besides housing, the SFSU Bookstore, more than 20 student organization offices, food and beverage vendors, and other facilities are found here. The Student Center is not only a provider of services; it is also one of the largest employers of students on the San Francisco State University campus.


The Art Gallery presents three thought-provoking art exhibits a semester, curated and managed by our excellent student staff. The Rack-N-Cue, with video games and billiards tables, hosts the weekly game and pool tournaments. And last, but not least, The Depot provides entertainment daily ranging from films, listening parties, and rocking bands.

The ART GALLERY is a student-run and student-funded program of the Cesar Chavez Student Center. The gallery is dedicated to bringing the visual and interdisciplinary arts to the multicultural student body at San Francisco State University through a diverse series of exhibitions of both student and non-student work.

The ART GALLERY is located on the Terrace Level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, 1650 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco State University.

An educational community is never complete without a space for the arts. The Art Gallery is a dedicated venue in the Student Center, run by student staff, to bring the visual and interdisciplinary arts to the SF State community.

The Art Gallery curates some shows each semester ranging from University students and non-student work.

The Gallery showcases exhibitions of both student and professional work and aims to attract diverse audiences through socially relevant and cutting-edge art.

THE DEPOT is located on the lower level of the Student Center, next to The Pub. The Depot offers FREE live music, films, and televised sporting events in a relaxed environment.

The Rack-n-Cue offers awesome arcade games to give you a break from your busy life. You can also battle it out during our weekly video game tournaments

The Cesar Chavez Student Center offers a wide selection of food services, each with their unique cuisine.

Career program

For years, CCSC has been online and offline providing support for interns. The program provides job training and mentorship through paid internships for San Francisco at-risk youth and if they prefer to earn a GED through an accredited online course, they advise the Onsego GED prep course. For over ten years the Student Center has worked hard to assist young adults in getting ready to go back to school and help them with new career choices through assessment tests.

Also between 3-5 students are provided an opportunity to work at the Student Center each semester and obtain valuable working skills. They assist the building operators as well as the Operations team to maintain areas of the building during its busy lunchtime when literally thousands of students access the building. They get offered free career quizzes as well to determine their best options for a suitable professional track.


The Cesar Chavez Student Center has a strong program of naming spaces and creating murals in honor of people and communities whose lives and struggles for equality have inspired students and staff for a long time and who became role models for generations.