Quick facts about The Cesar Chavez Student Center.

San Francisco State University has a great not-for-profit supporting organization, the Cesar Chavez Student Center, which is situated at the heart of SF State’s downtown campus. Ever since it was founded in 1975, the Cesar Chavez Student Center has been a vibrant and dynamic center of student activities.

The center houses the SFSU Bookstore, multiple offices of student organizations, a food and beverage court, and numerous other facilities. But the Cesar Chavez Student Center does more, it is actually among the most significant student employers on the entire SF State’s campus, and the Center is supported by the student governing body, the Associated Students (AS) organization.

SFSU’s student government, Associated Students (AS), is serving as the official students’ voice. Associated Students is promoting a high level of academic student life experience, and the organization is committed to empowering SFSU’s highly diverse student body through dedication to shared governance and social justice.

The Associated Students organization is supporting and providing programs and services, maintaining fiduciary authority and competence, and AS is engaged in campus-wide partnerships and participation as well as external advisory and advocacy activities.