Onsego GED Prep Review

Onsego’s GED Prep Course is my winner when it comes to online, self-guided prep courses for the GED test. Onsego may perhaps not be as widely known as a few heavyweights in the GED prep world, but this GED prep course offers very effective lessons and highly useful test-taking strategies.

The format is very flexible, making the course perfect for so many students. What’s also important, the Onsego GED® Prep Course is among the lowest-priced programs available in the comprehensive online GED course category. If you want to check out if Onsego offers you the best option for your GED preparation, just continue reading.

For Which Students Is The Onsego GED Prep Course A Good Fit?

The Onsego GED prep course is optimal for self-motivated students who know how to study independently and who are looking for a comprehensive online GED prep course that offers lots of flexibility at a very affordable price.

Onsego GED Prep Course – An Overview

Unlike many other, more traditional GED test prep courses, Onsego’s GED prep course doesn’t require students to go through the course in a  predetermined, linear instruction sequence.

Students can freely browse through the course and decide for themselves which GED topics they want to review or practice. They can study the subject matter in any order they prefer and that suits their preferences and needs best. For so many GED students, this laid-back approach to studying the GED topics and learning about primary test strategies is truly a nice and welcome benefit of the Onsego course.

Unlike more expensive GED prep courses provided by other major providers, the Onsego course doesn’t show the teachers on-screen, but it has slideshow presentations with audio voiceover. I personally prefer this way of presenting the study material! I don’t need to watch some talking heads unless, of course, it’s that of one of my favorite actors (wouldn’t it be great to see Timothée Chalamet teach some GED stuff…)

I need to say, however, that while the instructional quality of the Onsego video lessons is top-notch, the video quality might need some improvement and could be more catchy.

Then again, personally, I don’t think that’s much of a downside since the overall efficacy and quality of the lessons are great, and the price is very budget-friendly.

Keep in mind, however, that this is an online course that requires self-discipline. If you are a student who prefers seeing an instructor appear on your computer screen, you may prefer to check out one of the other available alternatives and let’s not forget that there are so many scholarships available especially for minorities. They will help to achieve success despite economic disadvantages.

The Onsego course includes dynamic transcripts for all lessons. This is a great plus as you can always reread the text if you missed some key points or phrases and want to quickly refer back to the points.

All in all, the content lessons in the Onsego GED Prep Course are to the point and cover all fundamental concepts and subtopics you might encounter on test day. GED Testing Service recognized Onsego GED Prep as being in line with everything the GED test currently covers.

Additionally, there are over 2000 exam-like practice questions to further instill your confidence and boost your ability to tackle multiple problems and both common and infrequent GED test questions.

Onsego really shines in the GED Math area. The Math Practice section allows you to learn not only traditional Math but also solve Math problems with the GED Scientific Calculator! This is a unique feature. No other provider offers a similar concept.

Lastly, the “Quitting Protection” tool is top-notch! it really helps students to overcome cold feet syndrome.

So all in all, I found the Onsego GED prep course to be easy to use and navigate.

What are the cons?

Well, the course doesn’t come with live classes. I think that this would be a nice add-on to this premium but budget-friendly, self-paced course. Also, even though the Onsego course works on all mobile devices, it doesn’t come with a dedicated app.

Frequently Asked Questions: Onsego GED Review

Are you still wondering if the Onsego GED prep course is good for you and worth the cost? See below for some additional answers to frequently asked questions about the Onsego GED Course.

Does Onsego offer a Free Trial?

No, but they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee instead. So, you have unlimited access for 7 days, if you don’t like it, they give you your money back. No questions asked.

Are there any Live Classes with Onsego GED?

No. Onsego is a strictly digital prep course provider.

Does Onsego have a GED App for Mobile Devices?

Onsego’s GED course offerings are accessible from any device, but they don’t have the app. I use it on my phone all the time by simply logging in to the online course via my mobile browser and bookmarking the page to the device’s home screen.

Does Onsego offer a Refund Policy on their GED Course?

Yes, Onsego offers students a complete refund for any reason via email request within 7 days of purchase.