Common Forgotten Items by International Students

Imagine life as a foreign student in the land of the spirit itself may cause you. Besides busy preparing various documents that you need, from a long day, you even start putting things would you bring to the suitcase.

The day of departure arrived. Way as well until you arrive at the destination. Later, when unpacking, you forget some important items that you actually need in a totally different country to the old hometown.

Well, so this incident does not happen to you, Surviving College launched a list of 10 essential items that are usually taken by foreign students forget.

Adapter/converter universal

The first thing you realize is the design of the socket is not always the same in several countries. The second, most electronic equipment manufactured at a voltage of 220 watts. Meanwhile, the voltage that is allowed in the United States and Canada is 110 watts for each electronic equipment.

Be sure to bring all that you need a good charger for mobile phones, cameras, laptops, iPods, and other electronic goods.

You may not be too happy to be photographed. However, the camera can be very useful in documenting the various experiences while living abroad.

Cell phone
Often it is cheaper to buy a cell phone (mobile) prepaid at your destination country. However, if your cell can be used as well, why should buy a new one? You only need to adjust a few things with numbers and cell phone devices to be used in the destination country.

Without a prescription drug, it would be difficult for you to get a drug that you need abroad. In addition to carrying enough stock of personalized medicine, do not forget to bring also a prescription drug. Prescription drugs are not only useful when your medicine runs out of inventory, but also a guarantee that you are not abusing the drug, which is a criminal offense in some countries.

Supply of contact lenses
As with any drug, if you wear contact lenses, be sure your stock enough for some time. Do not forget to bring prescription or sunglasses and contact lenses.

Insurance card, etc.
Do not you forget insurance cards or other important travel documents such as passports, visas, travel schedules, etc.. Put all your important documents in a folder that you are safe and easy to reach when needed.

Durable shoes
Shoes that you need may vary, depending on which country you are headed. But, buy shoes that are durable, because it may be difficult to find a shoe with your foot size.

Travelling kit
Small items in a traveling kit is sometimes overlooked though is actually quite important. Rather than bringing shampoo or liquid soap in a big bottle packaging, would be more practical if we refill the bottle or small tube in the traveling kit to suit our needs in a way.

Cash in local currency
Will be many unexpected expenses when you landed in the country of destination. Exchange your money at the airport will only be a hassle. So, prepare some money in the currency of your destination country to anticipate unexpected expenses earlier.