Is Studying Abroad Worth It?

Today I would like to talk about an alternative option of getting educated. There are many ways of getting a proper education from attending a university abroad. Education has crossed many boundaries, including those of many countries.

Today, students travel thousands of kilometers to a country of their choice to study specific majors and gain better exposure and experience.

There are a number of points that can be a decider on whether or not your choice of the country can prove to be the best for you. Therefore, before deciding on any country to travel to for your educational purposes, consider a few points like:

1. Is the country the best place to study the major you are after?
2. Are you aware of the financial requirements?
3. Did you check with other potential options to travel to for the same major?
4. Have you checked on the social and political background of the country that you are traveling to?
5. Is there any scope for scholarships for the course you are about to attend?
6. How about accommodation and traveling?
7. How safe is the country for international students?
8. Will you be allowed to work while studying?
9. What are the climatic conditions like in the country you are visiting?
10. How can you communicate with people back home?

Make sure you pay careful attention to the above questions before you decide on the country you want to visit for your studies. When you will get the proper education you can choose a better job and start to plan your career. Well, there are ways to identify your unique talents. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re thinking about studying abroad or at times it becomes difficult for us to take the right career decision to achieve the goal in our life, and sometimes, preferential treatment becomes an obstacle.

We get a lot of suggestion from our parents, relatives, and friends which give us a number of options but doesn’t show us the right track to succeed. It leads us to depression as we fear the consequences of taking the risk of choosing a particular direction. With proper counseling process, it becomes easier to choose the right path for a brighter future.

Importance of career counseling – The primary function of career counseling is to help you to learn more about your abilities and potentials. There are various self-assessment tests which help you to find out your true passion. Counseling helps you organize your thinking process to discover your strength and weaknesses.

A career counselor will help you to find out your interest and desire which is essential for selecting any particular field. Scientifically they will be ascertaining your talent and aspiration to motivate you towards it. A good career counselor has a better understanding of your personal insight. They will draw a perfect roadmap towards a brighter future.

Counseling can help you to select the right track at any phase of your career be it professional or academic. Write down all your thoughts, wishes, preferred study programs, and so on, but make sure your writing is functional. It will help you to narrow your focus on a particular profession to gain success. It is also important to choose the right counselor with adequate knowledge and experience because your final decision is based on the counseling process.

So don’t hesitate to go for career counseling before taking the most crucial decision in your life. The┬áCesar Chavez Student Center has for many years providing support for students and interns alike. The CCSC program provides career counseling, study abroad advice, mentorship, and job training not only to SF students but also to at-risk youth in the San Francisco area.